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OM Hindu Yoga Meditation Prayer Shawl - Large Color Base

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Our sacred OM  Prayer Shawls are luxuriously soft, incredibly comfortable and airy, and big enough to let you really wrap yourself in total bliss. This beautiful OM Scarf depicts a traditional design printed with OM symbol and other Hindu sacred symbols.
OM is the word of Power.
OM is the Infinity.
OM is in Eternity.
OM is Immortality.

OM is the highest Mantra, and all Vedic Mantras have emerged from Aum. The chanting of OM drives away all worldly thoughts and removes destruction and infuses new vigor into the body. OM is the symbol of all creation and its Creator.
These beautiful scarves are great to wear around the neck or wrap around as a meditation shawl. It can be also be used to decorate your altar or as an  OM  altar tablecloth, or they can be hung to enhance your meditation room or sacred space to give it a special touch. It makes a unique gift, too.
It comes in extra silky soft viscose fabric with finished edges and in size 72"x 40" inches.