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Cleaver Charm

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Product Description: Extremely realistic look: The design of the sterling silver meat cleaver charm is highly realistic. The design is the perfect example of a keen sense of observation. This rectangular bladed hatchet enhances the chef’s skills as a butcher.

Enhances your prowess as a butcher-Chef's real inspiration: Splitting up the large pieces of meat perfectly, an elegantly designed sterling silver butcher knife charm has a glimmer that the butcher in you can never forget. The charm might not cut deep through the thick meat pieces, but wearing it will master your skills in meat cutting.

The real chopper: The rectangular-shaped hatchet has been the real chopper in sectioning the thick and fleshy meat pieces very deep. The sterling silver long blade adorns your jewelry piece gorgeously and prepares you for your next battle against the succulent meat piece.

Love what you are by profession: Time to show off your love towards your profession if you are a butcher or even look to cook. This sterling silver charm that is part and parcel of your life becomes your new love when attached as a pendant or a key ring.

Product Specifications:

  • Cast from durable and beautiful 925 sterling silver and handcrafted in the USA
  • Sterling silver option is antiqued to highlight details, then polished to a brilliant shine
  • Gold vermeil option is cast in sterling silver, then plated with 100 mils of 22 karat gold
  • 1 inch in length
  • is Three-Dimensional
  • Item Number:0647