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Cherry Blossom Multi Wrap Dress

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$229.99 USD
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$229.99 USD
Eliza & Ethan Multi-Wrap Dress is the only wrap dress out there that offers you a complementary matching bandeau and a carrying pouch. Not only is our dress truly one-size, it is also washing machine-friendly and our luxurious fabric does not crease! There are over 20 available colors and you can style it over different 20 ways (if not more!) What more could you ask for?

ORDER DEADLINES for Rentals and Purchases:
MIN Order Date is 12 Weeks before Wedding Date.
(ie: Getting Married July 18/2020 order is to be placed on or before
April 25/2020) You will receive your order 2-4 Weeks before the Wedding Date.
If ordered before you will receive your dresses before the 2-4 weeks mark.

Always order as early as possible for best results.


OPTION 1: PURCHASE - This option allows you to purchase and keep the New Multi Wrap Dress. The dress would be the desired Wedding Theme Colour chosen. $229.99

OPTION 2: RENTAL PROGRAM - This option allows you to just rent the Multi Wrap Dress in the desired Wedding Theme colour chosen. The Renter would pay an additional $15.00 Shipping for the garment to be shipped to and from the Renter. A return shipping label will be supplied for the return of the dress.
Please refer to the Rental Agreement for more details. *$149.99 - $179.99

Most popular OPTION 3: RENT/PURCHASE PROGRAM DETAILS - With this option it allows you to have the Best of Both Worlds.
Rent the desired Wedding Theme colour dress and Own a New Classic Black Multi Wrap Dress that can be used for any occasion. $279.99
Example: RENT ONE - OWN ONE Original Price to Purchase would be $229.99 for an Additional $49.99 you will Get a BRAND NEW Black Dress to Keep once the rental is returned)
Please refer to the Rental/Purchase Agreement for more details.