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Candy Cane Charm

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Product Description:

Delightful peppermint flavor: Glorifying design and a lovely peppermint flavor is what this silver charm gifts you with. They have always been a part of your family and the Christmas tree decoration ever since your childhood. Wearing this charm evokes your compassionate love for Christmas that is seen all year round!

Don’t you remember that Christmas Eve?: The candy cane charm sets up the right aura that used to be with that blissful Christmas time of the year. The sterling silver charm surreptitiously decorates the Christmas tree on Christmas eve so that everyone in the family gathers around it to celebrate the spirit of festivity.

Memorize those delightful holiday treats: Wearing this charm takes your kids back to that time of those cherishing Christmas gatherings. That was the treat time, delightful holiday treats shared throughout to double up the feeling of festivity.

Wear your passion for Christmas all year round!: Traditionally linked with Christmas, this sterling silver charm is worth adding to your lovely holiday charm bracelet collection. Christmas this time will be something special with the Christmas treat and decoration in the form of these priceless charms!

Product Specifications

  • Cast from durable and beautiful 925 sterling silver and handcrafted in the USA
  • Sterling silver option is antiqued to highlight details, then polished to a brilliant shine
  • Gold vermeil option is cast in sterling silver, then plated with 100 mils of 22 karat gold
  • 7/8 inch in length
  • is Three-Dimensional
  • Item Number:0934